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Here at Northants Plumbing Pros we strive to be the go to plumbers in ALL situations, for EVERYONE. We have years of experience in the plumbing trade, and we love offering our services to the people of Northampton. So whether you are a homeowner, or whether you own a business, then you will want to get in touch with us by either calling 01604 422239 or by filling out the form on this page. Enjoy the read to learn more about us!

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Finding the right plumbing company that will offer immediate customer service can be quite a tussle especially if there are other home matters that need your urgency. That is why at Northants Plumbing Pros we try and relief you that extra load.

We are a plumbing company and our aim is to ensure that we provide quality on-time services to the great people in Northampton. We have experienced and well-qualified staff working with us to ensure that we deliver quality work to any plumbing issue you might be facing as a homeowner. Our success is evident based on the significant number of positive reviews from clients who have ever had a chance of getting to experience some of our benefits and services. Choosing to work with us as your plumbing company will guarantee you the value of your money. Some of the benefits that you will gain from choosing to work with us include:

Cheap and Affordable Services

We all know that working with a professional plumber can be quite a challenge for most of you because it is an added unnecessary expense that homeowners experience. However, working with us is quite different from other plumbing companies available in Northampton. We are a professional company with a number of quality plumbing services that we can offer to you as our clients at a very reasonable price that will change your mind from fixing the problem yourself to seeking for our services. Apart from our affordable prices for our quality services, we also offer upfront price quotes. Upfront prices are significant to prevent future surprises and also help you to make a decision on whether to work with us or seek other cheaper companies.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Whenever a plumbing issue arises, most homeowners prefer handling the issue all by themselves because of a number of reasons. We tend to depend on our creativity and available resources in fixing the issue and a challenge from this is many of us end up being unsuccessful to fix the problem since we lack enough knowledge and experience for the work. To avoid incurring an unnecessary expense, it is safe to work with a professional on the job. Choosing us as your plumbing company, our well-trained plumbers and gas engineers with good years of experience will guarantee you top quality services and full repair of all your leaking pipes or damaged machines at a minimal damage control.

Variety of solutions

Many of the homeowners think that plumbing services might only revolve around fixing of leaking or damaged water pipes. It is more than that. This is why you need a professional plumber like us by your side in case of an emergency. As our clients, you have the advantage of experiencing some of the top quality plumbing services that we offer as a company, services that no other company do it better than how we do them. Plumbing services that you can be assured to get from our well-trained personnel include; drain cleaning, water or gas leaking repair, boiler repair services, water heating services, and even hydro jetting among other services available. Give us a try today and get to experience what we have in store for you.

Service Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a well-known plumbing company you could find in Northampton and this is because of the significant number of previous clients we have had encountered through our journey. Our reputation precedes us in a positive way and we have the reviews to prove that you can indeed rely on us to deliver services that will satisfy you and your needs. Our trained staff will make sure that you experience our quality services from begging till the end as they are specially made to handle different customer needs with discipline and as professional as possible.

Customer Service advantage

Pleasing a wide range of clients is not easy especially if you are offering services that they can manage on their own that is why we have trained personnel to take care of the needs of our different clients. Since we are a company targeted at achieving maximum gains, we have gone ahead and added a few customer services for our loyal clients. A good example of customer services you will get from us is on the personal attention advantage. Our friendly staff is at your disposal to attend to you and your needs making sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with what they will offer you. As a plumbing company, our goal is to make sure that we offer quality services for all our clients and prevent the occurrence of the same issue in future in any way possible.

Free Consultation

We are a well-known plumbing company in Northampton that is after achieving greatness and satisfaction from our clients in what we do. Our pride is based on a couple of things and one of them is seeing homeowners enjoy their home comfort after seeking for help in our plumbing services. In case you suspect or experience leak from any of your home pipes, central heating problems or anything else, you can give us a call and get to experience our free consultation services. Our well-trained staff will take time to listen to you as they come up with a solution or any available options to your leaking problem. Don’t hesitate to give a call today and get served with one of our professionals.

For a Northampton resident who is looking for a plumbing company to work with, you can agree with me when I say that getting the right group to work with is tricky. Trust is a crucial aspect when it comes to working with a plumber. That is why at Northants Plumbing Pros, we are available for you to reach to us whenever you need our help or assistance in case you face a plumbing issue in your home or office. Our licensed staff at our disposal is there to guarantee you the safety of you and your possession as they help fix your issue. We will also do our best to assist you in cases of emergency.

Avoid adding unnecessary expense as you try to fix the issue yourself or wait till the issue grows into a critical thing by getting in touch with us for our services. Be assured that you won?t regret what we will offer you in return for trusting and choosing to work with us. Many happy homeowners and business owners in Northampton can vouch for our excellent plumbing services, we are sure that you will be next, we are at the top of the search engines for a reason!

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Our dedicated plumbers are ready with the experience and tools to fix the faulty sink, unblock the drain, fix your heater and all of the above! So get in touch today to discuss your query with our friendly team!

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Problems concerning the water supply, sewage, toilets, and bathrooms can be very disturbing. These should be fixed as soon as possible. If not it will add to your woes. These tasks need professional assistance and expertise. And again, we are your go-to plumbers in Northampton!

Only good experienced and professional plumbers can help you out the right way. We are one of the top plumbing companies and are here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer to your question. If you don’t find what you are lloking for, then please do not hesitate to contact us because we can help you with all your plumbing needs!

That totally depends on the scale of the project. A simple pipe leak repair, for example, can be done within a few hours, whereas a more intermediate project which requires materials/parts etc can sometimes take a bit longer. We are qualified professionals, so rest assured the standard of work will be top quality, and we won’t rush a project just to move onti the next one!

Yes of course! If you know exactly what needs doing and you know exactly what you need to purchase, then by all means contact us and we will only charge you for our labour. We can also advise on the best quality plumbing supplies if need be.


Yes absolutely! Please call us on 01234 123456 or click here and fill out the estimates form as best as you can!

In most cases we will always complete our assigned projects within the quoted timescales. However, sometimes it may go over the timescale due to multiple reasons. If this happens, then we will put extra resources where possible and we’ll try to complete it as soon as we can. We will not charge for extra time if we are not at fault.


Being the best Northampton based Plumbers, we are confident that we can help with pretty much all of your plumbing needs, so call us on 01234 123456 or fill out this estimates form and we will get right back to you!

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